Skincare Concerns



Fine lines

Uneven textures

  • Antarcticine® - derived from the Antarctic’s extremely cold ocean, this naturally efficacious ingredient boasts marine-rich and natural bioactive properties. Prevents dryness and works to protect the skin microbiome.

    Marine Collagen from Jellyfish Extract - a collagen protein packed with micronutrients and helps to restore elasticity while providing superior moisture to the skin.

    Copper Peptide (GHK-Cu) - an anti-inflammatory antioxidant that promotes healing and collagen and elastin production.

    Trehalose - retains moisture, keeping skin bouncy and youthful, while providing a protective barrier around the skin microbiome.

    Natural Marine Complex (Hydrolyzed Pearl and Japanese Blood Grass) - nourishing, evens out skin tone, helps with dryness and skin fatigue.

    Mask Material - a jelly-like, bio-cellulose material made from coconut fibers, designed to easily adjust to the shape of your face. Biodegradable.

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