Skincare Concerns



Uneven textures

  • Antarcticine® - derived from the Antarctic’s extremely cold ocean, this naturally efficacious ingredient boasts marine-rich and natural bioactive properties. Prevents dryness and works to protect the skin microbiome.

    Neotive Jellyfish Extract - a collagen protein packed with micronutrients and helps to restore elasticity while providing superior moisture to the skin.

    Hyaluronic Acid - a hydrator and a humectant that holds 1000x its weight in water, binds moisture, plumps & tightens skin

    Avocado Oil - a highly moisturizing emollient with fatty acids and minerals that soften skin and helps to retain moisture.

    Kombuchka - a natural probiotic that enhances skin radiance, smooths and re-densifies.

    Green Algae - super rich in vitamins and nutrients, helps to improve skin texture.

    Cacao and Shea Butters - includes various antioxidants and polyphenols that protect the skin barrier and seals in moisture.

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