How Harmful is Dehydration?

How Harmful is Dehydration

We all know by now that staying hydrated is vital to our skin health and daily life. There are so many skincare brands out there for us to choose from. But, sometimes it’s not always about the products we use topically that will truly keep us hydrated. The real question is- are we hydrating our skin properly?

Are We Hydrating our Skin Properly?

Before we go into the “How-To’s” let’s start with some long-term scaries of what happens to our skin when we are dehydrated. For starters, it creates a surface reduction of cell activity resulting in loss of collagen and elastin. Second, there's no faster train to fine lines and wrinkles than the dehydration route. And let’s not forget enlarged pores that causes the makeup to sit poorly on your beautiful canvas.

What Causes Dehydration?

The cause of dehydration isn’t always just not drinking enough water, although this is essential to hydration! Yes get your eight glasses of water a day and all but wha about changes in weather? Ever travel from low altitudes to high altitudes and feel the difference in your skin? Not getting enough sleep, skin cuticle damage and lifestyle habits can also contribute.

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Does It Mean We Need to Hydrate Whenever Our Skin is Dehydrated?

NOT REALLY! When our skin is dehydrated, we need to get to the root cause. If your skin is dehydrated because of the damage of your skin barrier, hydrating your skin will do the complete opposite, it would damage your skin barrier even more. So that’s why it’s important to know the effective way to hydrate our skin.

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Here are some EFFECTIVE tips on proper hydration:

  1. Use products with good sealing properties and natural moisturizing factors
  2. Repair cuticle, anti-inflammatory relief, stay moisturizing
  3. Drink plenty of water every day and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables
  4. Stay up less and keep up with a proper sleeping schedule
  5. Take good sun protection measures to avoid ultraviolet radiation

We hope this helps Beauties! Stay hydrated!


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